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One sunny spring day, a mother duck was laying her eggs by the shore of a wonderful pool.

A few weeks later, she and all the other mothers in the pool, happily watched as their eggs hatched. Gorgeous and lively ducklings poked their heads out from their shells. The ducklings were eager to walk, swim, eat and explore the world with their mothers and their siblings. What joy filled the pool!

But not all the eggs were hatching. Our mother duck had to wait a few more days to see her last son being born. And what a surprise it was to see him! This duckling was bigger than the others. He was different. He was ash-coloured and had a black beak. And he looked quite haughty for a common duck.

Right away, our little duck drew the attention of the whole yard. It was hard for them to accept such a different duck, and some of the animals started calling him the ‘Ugly Duckling’. His mother always protected him, just like she did with all her children, but the other mothers and fathers tried to keep their offspring away from him.