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The Tortoise and the Hare

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One fine day, a little tortoise was heading to the banks of the river to eat some fresh grass. She was really friendly and all the animals in the forest would always greet her and stop to chat with her. She was friends with all the animals but the hare, for he was quite arrogant and would always mock her.
‘Look, here comes the little tortoise, the slowest animal in the forest! Be careful tortoise, don’t you crash with a tree and break your shell!’ he would burst out laughing.

The tortoise was annoyed by the jokes of the hare. So that day she decided to reply to him.
‘Hare, I challenge you to a race.’ she cried in a defiant way.
‘What? You challenge me to a race? Please, don’t make me laugh! I am the fastest animal in the forest, you silly’ the hare said with laughter.
‘Then, dare and accept the challenge! But bear in mind that if I win, you will never make a joke out of me again.’
Finally, proud and smirking, the hare accepted the challenge.

Together, the animals decided the route for the race. It was going to be a really long journey. They should cross woods, mountains, rivers, flatlands and even rocky lands. What a hard race! They settled that the event would take place the next day at dawn. The animals finally chose the owl as referee, for he was the wisest.

Early the next morning, a crowd of animals gathered around an old oak tree to attend the race. The owl gave the signal to start with a hoot. As soon as she heard it, the tortoise started walking. The hare, unhurried and sure of his victory, remained at the starting point for a while, chatting and laughing.