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Once upon a time, in a country surrounded by steep mountains, lived a young prince along with his family. He was tall, strong, brave and good-looking. And though he was old enough to get married, he couldn’t find a suitable wife. His parents, who really cared about him, constantly asked him if he was willing to get married, to which his answer was always the same: ‘I haven’t met any real princess, like the one I marry in my dreams.’

He was a true prince, and knew he wouldn’t feel happy with any common princess. He looked for a beautiful and delicate princess, with a pleasing voice, smooth skin and gentle step. A princess like those from the fairy tales, but likely to be real. With such a princess he would fall in love at first sight.

One day he decided to take a journey to find the princess of his dreams. He took a train that brought him far, very far away; to a country where people spoke a language he could scarcely understand. There, he saw unbelievable landscapes. And he met nice and trustworthy people. But no, he didn’t find his princess.

After that, he travelled by bus towards another country. There, he saw the sea for the very first time. He decided to live in a city by the sea for a while, and he learned plenty of things about a sailor’s life.
In that country people were welcoming, friendly and reliable. But he didn’t meet the girl he was looking for.