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Many years ago, in a nearby village close to the sea, there lived a very poor man named Baldy. He was honest and hard working but fortune didn’t favor him at all. He was going through a rough patch: with his old boat and ratty net full of holes, he barely managed to catch enough fish to survive.

Baldy had a neighbour named Mr. Robert -who was as rich as Scrooge and just as rude. Baldy was sad, hungry, and weak. Despite knowing about his neighbour’s personality, he knocked at his door asking for a little help to take his misery away.
‘Mr. Robert, I kindly ask you for any food you could give me - as little as it may be. I am so hungry, I may not be able to continue living.’

But Mr. Robert, stingy as he was, slammed the door in Baldy’s face. ‘Don’t you ever come back. And if you need something to eat, go and look for it, you lazy man!’ - he cried out rudely.

After such a response, Baldy felt even more miserable. All that he could do was sit on the beach and cry.
All of a sudden a mysterious but friendly old woman appeared and told him, ‘We’ve known each other for many years, Baldy. I know you are kind and honest. Therefore, I would like to give you a gift. This magic mill will grind everything you need. Just think about what you want and say, ‘Start grinding, Magic Mill.’ And when you want it to stop, say, ‘Stop grinding, Magic Mill.’