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Long ago, an old man lived peacefully along the seashore with his old wife. They didn’t have much money but they did their best to get. They had enjoyed many years together and didn’t suffer many hardships , thus, they were happy.

Every now and then, the old man liked to go fishing. He a small rowboat and a fishing rod. At times, he spent the whole afternoon at sea, and when he managed to catch a fish, he and his wife would happily eat it for dinner!

One day, the sea was particularly calm. There was no wind at all and there were no seagulls flying in the sky - all of which seemed really strange to the old man. He didn’t think much of it and cast his fishing rod to the sea, like he always did, and waited patiently to hook a fish.

Shortly after, he caught a very peculiar fish: it was small and golden, as if it were gilded all over with thin scales of fine gold. The fish stared at the old man with its peculiar eyes.

‘Old man, I beg you, throw me back into the sea. If you let me live, I will grant you anything you wish!’ said the extraordinary and frightened fish.
The kind-hearted fisherman released the fish and threw it back into the sea, without wanting to wish for anything in return.